All Glory and Honor Endorsements

Happy New Year, Folks!

My prayer for all of you and your families is that 2018 is a blessed, peaceful one.

We had an exciting December, for sure!  The beginning of the month saw the first sales of my new book, All Glory and Honor Unto You. Sales at churches, Bible Study and to friends have been wonderful so far as I now enter into reaching beyond my local area.  I have included here reviews from several folks who have read the book.  I would encourage you to join me in my ministry to get the wonderful words of Christ’s love and encouragement out to as many women as possible!  You may buy signed copies of this book directly from me for $15 – just send me an email at and I will send them off!  (Include specific names for signing.       If you feel comfortable mentioning this blog and my book on your Facebook Pages, it would be an incredible boost for sharing of Jesus’ love!

I hope that you are blessed by these reviews:

I LOVE the writing style in this book. From the viewpoint of a somewhat lost soul looking for ways to grow closer and stronger with God, this book is exactly what I needed at this point in my life.  About 6 years ago, I was infected with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I am a Masters prepared registered nurse with 23 years of nursing experience behind me. Since this incident, I have been left with multiple health issues causing pain on a daily basis, inability to drive, using a cane to walk, unable to work, etc. All of this came crashing down on me leaving me to wonder WHAT NOW? What good am I to my family? What is my purpose in this thing called life?

There were so many chapters in this book that made me stop and say “Wow”!!!!! It was as though the words were written directly to me! For instance, I have to be honest when I say that I don’t set aside prayer time during the day. As I have done since I was a child, I say my daily prayers at night after I lay down in bed, usually exhausted from the day. God does everything for us, and the most I bother to give back is a measly 5 minutes before I fall asleep??? I have since put an alarm in my phone that alerts me to a quiet prayer time each day. I really needed this! I feel so much closer to Him and feel as though my heart and mind quiet down to the point that I am once again able to hear Him speak to me.

In addition, over the past week or so I have found a new outlook on life! Instead of beating myself up and constantly saying “geez, I can’t do this or I can’t do that”…. I’ve discovered that its totally a mindset! I wake up and think positive thoughts and going about my day!

 I can honestly say that reading these words restored my faith in God and restored confidence and a brighter outlook in my life!  I am so grateful for this book.                                               Tammy Ward

To quote Barbara, “I have to remember to ask Jesus to show me light when I am down, because I know that when I am at my lowest, Jesus is at His highest”.The words in this book have brought encouragement into my life and have remindedme to whom I need to go when I am exhausted from life’s challenges. The joy of “journaling” has also been brought back into my life through these devotionals!                               Pastor Linda Kreitz

“It’s seldom recommended we ‘wear our hearts on our sleeve,’ but when your heart is burning with love for Jesus, as Barb Duncan’s is, why not let it shine?  These marvelous meditations in All Glory and Honor are the outpouring of Barbara’s tender heart for the Lord, and all of us who read them will be touched and inspired by her zeal and devotion.”                      Rev. Dr. Blake R. Heffner.

Excited about hearing of all the Lord’s blessings to come this new year,