God’s Amazing Love in Christmas

The Christmas Story is really the story of God’s amazing love for us shown through the birth of Our Lord Jesus in a small manger.  Basically, God sent Jesus to us so He could spell out HIS love for us in a language we could understand.  From that manger to the cross, Jesus walked among us showering us with the love of God through our salvation in Him.

I read a devotional which told the story of workers entering an area after a devastating forest fire.  They found a lovely bird, with wings outspread, lying under a tree, who had perished in the flames.  When they went to move her, three little birds wiggled out from under her wings, chirping wildly.  That mother bird knew the danger, and covered her young from the flames.

God’s unfailing love for us is just like that – He has held us close under His wings when the fires of life rain down on us and always will;  he has protected and breathed new life into us and will through all eternity; he has forgiven us through the birth and death of His Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ and will continue until we meet Him again.  When life has dark moments, we can celebrate Jesus, knowing that God is with Us! And always will be.  God’s overpowering love for us is, indeed, the reason for the season.

Let’s pray together:

Heavenly Father, during this Christmas season, we celebrate you and the love you so freely offer us.  There are so many things happening that we don’t understand but we choose to trust you.  There are those who are suffering, those who are hungry, those who are grieving – we lift them up to you for an outpouring of your love and healing grace because we choose to trust you.  As we celebrate your birth in Jesus Christ, we thank you and praise you,  asking for your strength to do and be all that you want us to be:   stronger in faith, knowing you are with us, and steeped in love for all your children. We thank you for gift of life, the gift of your son so that we might have life to the fullest and the power of the Holy Spirit within us for your glory.

We lay down before you all that we are and ever hope to be.  We open our hearts to you, Lord Jesus, there is room in our hearts for thee!  In your ever holy name and with Christmas joy, Amen.

Merry Christmas in Our Lord Jesus,


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