Published and Ready to Go!!

Hello Friends!

This is a very exciting time for me as my third book, All Glory and Honor Be Unto You, is now published and on sale!  I have been blessed to work with an amazing Christian publisher, Candy Abbott of Fruitbearer Publishing, who has produced a wonderful presentation of my writings about Jesus. (See my previous post.)

Reflecting on this book, I find that my writing is very different than in previous works.  These are short devotionals with journaling questions included for each.  I’m feeling a more personal touch to these pieces than my last work, Precious Pearls, which was more from a teaching prospective.  As is true of ALL my writing, I am thrilled and blessed to be able to share the love of God and power of Jesus with all of you.  In a couple of days, I will be posting some ideas about making this 2017 Advent season a very, very special one.

So – Stayed tuned and be blessed!  If you would like to purchase a signed copy of this new book (great Christmas gifts!), please email me directly and I can send it off right away!

In His Service,




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