I want to share with you some truly amazing blessings from Ministry Affirmation Sunday at our church the end of June.  Although we were celebrating the licensing of two new pastors, the focus of the service was the line on the back of every Sunday bulletin stating that every member of our family is a minister!  Pastors Dara, Blake and I shared about ministry among us these last 6 years and recognizing YOUR gifts for serving our Lord Jesus Christ.  Any ideas on how to use your gifts this summer?

What a pleasure to realize and praise His blessings in our midst, that ministry Sunday:

  • There was a huge group of loving elders, including several from the past, gathered at the altar, laying hands on Linda and Tim in prayer!
  • Several visitors mentioned that they looked forward to returning to this “incredible family!”
  • Looking out our congregation, I rejoiced seeing many tears of love and joy!
  • Many of us were truly overwhelmed by the movement of the Holy Spirit flowing through our family that morning and often!

It just doesn’t get any better than that!  Hallelujah!

Remember the blessings you have worshipping with your church family together this summer.  I’ll never take this gift of time in His Loving Presence with my brothers and sisters in Jesus for granted!  How about you?

Bless you,