Being a Child of God


Every once in a while, we all become discouraged, don’t we?  Whether it is some family issue, a person or project at work that just isn’t humming the way we wish or just that tired feeling that brings us down.  Will I ever feel that old energy again?  I know that part of my dismay is connected to the aging process, but I also know that when I forget who I am it’s bound to get worse!

I am a child of the most high God!  If someone asks you to whom are you a child, is your response Harry and Sue?  or Barbara and John?  Katharine and Warren (my parents)?  Obviously, these are our earthly parents, mortal parents who, unfortunately, will not be on this earth to nurture us forever.  Aren’t we blessed that we will never be left alone, either on this earth or in the heavenly realm, because, spiritually, we are children of our God?  The Bible says that we are made in HIS own image…can you imagine what that entails?  No one but our amazing God could have created an intricate brain which tells the rest of our body what to do, including our heart pumping into every little vein of our being!

Paul tells us that NOTHING can ever separate us from this God, our father, and His mighty son, Jesus Christ who was, is and shall always be…forever and ever!  Believe it every day and discouragement will fly in the wind as we flourish with Him!  Hallelujah!

Many Blessings,