The Heart of Christmas 2016

In just a few days, when you wake up, it will be Christmas Day. Will your life be different? Will mine?
Will you be a completed person if you open your new IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE, I Whatever or tackle Darth Vader in your Star Wars Forever Video game? Will your life, my life, be different, …
because a little baby was born in a manger in Bethlehem… WHO IS GOD?

YES – GOD born in rough straw in a lowly manger…
YES – GOD who loves you SO much that He sent this little one, HIS OWN SON to be, Emmanuel…GOD with us!
YES – GOD who sent this precious baby boy to die on a cross for us and to give us NEW LIFE in HIM.
NOT a life whose WIFI will fail, or signal will be weak or batteries will dry up and die…
A life of joy…true, life changing joy…on a journey to be glorified with God in Heaven for evermore.

In his reflections on Advent, my favorite theologian, Henry Nowen, writes how he wants HIS life to be different because of Christmas Day:

• He wants Jesus to speak within Him…this baby to rule his Heart
• He wants his thoughts to be the thoughts of Jesus…to rule his Mind
• He wants Jesus to act from within him…to rule his very being.
• Nowen prays, “JESUS, LOVE OF MY LIFE, help me see the world as YOU see the world and act as YOU would act.”

That’s what CAN happen, folks, because God was born in that manger in our Jesus Christ… our Lord and Savior!
Picture with me now, as Nowen does, sitting in our living rooms, with our kids, wherever we are… our Christmas being blessed beyond belief by this amazing birth in Bethlehem as we:

• Feel Our hearts so full of Jesus that we will be a blessing to all our family

• That Our minds will be so full of Jesus that we will hear HIS voice and feel HIS love!

• That We will Know peace by our actions being so full of Jesus that we are humble, unselfish, loving

• That We Watch that mighty love of Jesus help us to hear folks crying, to see folks starving, to hurt for those in pain, falling on our knees in prayer.

THEN our lives will be new and different because of Christmas Day.
I hope you will join me in trying to live THAT picture THIS week and EVERY week until we see our Jesus face to face!

But Best of ALL…because of Christmas Day:
We will shout with the great company of the heavenly hosts and the angel of the Lord:

“Glory be to God in the Highest and Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Men.”

Merry Christmas in Jesus Love!


Our Heavenly Father, we as a family in you, want to welcome your son into this world and into our hearts this Christmas and every day after. We praise you and glorify you that YOU love us so much that you sent your son, to be born in that lowly manger so that we would know humility, servanthood and total trust in you. You sent your son to be crucified on that cross so that we would be pure and clean in your eyes, and sent the Holy Spirit to live within us to love and guide us until that glorious day when we will see you face to face and be with you forever. Hallelujah, Lord.
Let us remember all those who are ill this season…those who are hungry…all those who are grieving… those in the pain of missing a loved one…all those who are discouraged and disappointed, Lord…and those who hunger and thirst for you. Be close to them, Lord Jesus…there is room in their hearts for you!

We thank you and praise you for all that you are and all that you do,
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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