Hallelujah! The Light Has Come

Hallelujah! The Light Has Come!

DARKNESS: absence of light, moral or spiritual destitution.

I chose this definition of the word darkness because on some days, our world seems to be a pretty dark place. During Advent this year, we need to lift thanks and glory to God for the birth of His Son into this shattered world. What a difference Jesus’ birth has made.
Life has often been said to be a battle of Kingdoms…The Kingdom of the Earth and The Kingdom of God. Beth Moore’s says that Jesus knew in His time of temptation that if He gave into the Earthly Kingdom, He would never experience the Heavenly Kingdom. Praise God that the Light has pierced the darkness, “the people living in darkness have seen a great light!” Because Jesus rose from the grave, we don’t have to live in the darkness of the Kingdom of the Earth! Because Jesus is the light of the world, we can cling to Him in the storms, quoting my friend Sue, “we can hold Him tight and life will be glorious through it all!” Because Jesus’ light shines, with our arms around His neck, we can see our Jesus face to face!! Have you seen the Light lately?
The Light has come! “Made like Him, like Him we rise, Alleluia!” When you sang that familiar hymn on Easter, did you breathe in this incredible truth? Our National Minister, Rev. Jim Barnes, wrote, “As I sang that verse yesterday on Resurrection Sunday, I was reminded that not only has Christ been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep, but one day, we who have died IN CHRIST will also rise – immortal, imperishable, incorruptible to live FOREVER with Him in the Kingdom over which He will rule eternally.” The joy and glory of Easter morning is really just a foretaste of the personal resurrection each one of us in Christ will enjoy! There is no darkness at all in this Heavenly Kingdom. Can you feel that amazing love?
Our EA Board Secretary, Rev. Dubbs, writes, “…and what a joy it is to be counted among those who are called the Children of Light.” Yes, folks, that’s us!! WE are the Children of Light…in OUR lives there is no darkness at all because Jesus, the light of the world, lives in us. Does your light shine SO brightly that folks can barely look at you? Beth Moore reminded us, that when we shine with the light of Jesus Christ, we shine like the stars and the angels in Heaven look down and see a great light.! Then, seven thousand women each turned on a small flashlight and in that stadium there was NO DARKNESS AT ALL. Hallelujah!
Brothers and Sisters, as we await His birth on Christmas Day, lets claim our light from Him and let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
Pastor Barbara